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Over the years, Wilmington Foods has established itself as a force to be reckoned with the processing and trading of sesame seeds, tahini and halawa.

  • With our high tech equipment and scientific handling methods, we harvest and process sesame seeds in such a manner that all its nutritional and medicinal values are preserved.

  • We provide the world’s highest quality sesame seeds and are recognized as highly reliable suppliers, of sesame seeds and its products, in the Middle East.

  • Only the best quality sesame seeds are procured from farmers across the African continent.

  • Our range of sesame based products, processed in-house, include creamy Tahini and delicious Halawas. With our fully mechanized integrated plant, our extensive knowledge and experience of this niche industry, our creative and innovative methodologies and our emphasis on customer service.

  • Our range of sesame-based products, processed in-house, include creamy tahini and delicious halawas.

From cream white to charcoal black, we offer you a variety of organically grown sesame seeds thats are bursting with natural flavour and immense nutritional value. Irrespective of your location in the world and the application ideas you have, if sesame seeds are involved, our products and expertise are what you need. Natural, hulled or blended, there are innumerable delicious ways to use our sesame seeds. We promise you the original aroma and the real taste of 100% pure sesame seeds.


“Wilmington Foods is fast gaining fame as the ‘One-stop shop’ for all your Sesame needs”

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