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Sesame Seeds



‘Open Sesame!’, the well known phrase from the Arabian Nights is based on a distinguishing feature of the sesame plant. – the seed pod bursts open when they ripen and reach maturity!

Since ancient times, sesame seeds were valued for their seemingly magical properties. It was believed to be the seed of health, vigour and eternal youthfulness. Sesame seeds have very high oil content compared to other oil seeds. With their rich and nutty flavor, sesame seeds are a popular ingredient in a variety of cuisines world over. This tasty and extremely versatile ingredient can be easily incorporated in sweet and savoury dishes.

Our sesame seeds are cleaned, hulled and optically sorted with Wilmington’s Proprietary Process using the best in European technology from Cimbria, Buhler and Maseto wherein absolutely no chemicals are used. This results in the original flavor, color and aroma remaining intact until the product is consumed.

Our Aqua hulled sesame seed are the best for topping on bread, buns and crackers. You can use Natural sesame seeds, white or black, for baking into sweet or savory dishes. Our Natural toasted sesame seeds taste amazing when sprinkled on simple preparations like salads or exotic dishes such as sushi. Our Hulled sesame seeds can be ground and processed for confectionary, or you can just toast the seeds yourself to add great flavour to all your breads, cookies and more.

The Real Health

Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are rich in healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. They also contain several dietary vitamins including B vitamins. Sesame seeds are a good source of protein and energy as well. Just 100 gms of sesame seeds provide 573 calories . With just 23% of carbohydrates, of which 12% is dietary fibre, this gluten free seed is a blessing for those looking for healthy and tasty food choices.

Sesame seeds have been noted for their positive effect on bone/joint health and immune strengthening properties. They have been observed to protect the liver from oxidative damage. Sesame seeds contain two distinctive components known as sesamin and sesamolin. They are both special beneficial fibers called lignans (polyphenolic substances) help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure levels.

Types of

Sesame Seeds

Wilmington Foods is a leading provider of premium sesame seeds in bulk quantities, in the world. We offer several varieties of sesame seeds such as

Hulled Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds without their outer covering or husk is called Hulled sesame seeds. This makes the seeds much easier to digest. Hulled sesame seeds from Wilmington Foods are widely known for their highest...

Natural White Sesame Seeds

Wilmington Foods offer the highest-quality natural white sesame seeds in the Middle East. Our seeds are Sortex cleaned to ensure our clients get the purest of product. Our processing units with cutting edge European technology...

Natural Black Sesame Seeds

Wilmington Foods offers both Natural black and jet black sesame seeds that are Sortex cleaned to ensure their cleanliness and purity. Black sesame seeds are said to have a stronger flavor and are richer in calcium content than its white counterpart.

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