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Our Facility



Located in the UAE, Wilmington Foods is a sesame seed wholesale firm with an outstanding legacy and a brilliant future. With our ISO-certified sesame processing plant and cutting-edge technology, Wilmington Foods is able to deliver top-quality sesame seeds and products, such as Tahini and Halawa, to all our customers across the Middle East. Our processing facilities are set up in an eco-friendly environment with best of breed infrastructure.

Our sesame processing unit is fully automated and well equipped with state-of-the-art technology and imported machinery from Buhler, Cimbria & Maseto making it truly 21st century in its accomplishment. Run by adept teams of engineers & technologists, this fully integrated processing unit follows the production quality standards and has continuously benefitted from upgrades to ensure peak operational performance.

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Processing Technologies

With a production capacity of 100 TPD, 5TPD Tahini, 5 TPD Halwa, Wilmington Foods has built up a solid reputation for their on-time delivery of premium sesame seeds and their tasty, as well as, nutritious Tahini and Halawas. Using only the most scientific handling methods and modern machinery, these sesame seeds are processed and packaged with utmost care and integrity.

Our research-based manufacturing methods ensure that the nutritional and medicinal values of our products are safeguarded. The sesame seeds are subjected to various quality-controlled stages of production based on the type of sesame seeds being manufactured. While natural sesame seeds require only the two processing stages of cleaning and sorting, hulled sesame seeds have to be cleaned and hulled before the sorting process can begin.



At Wilmington Foods, an uncompromising commitment towards quality is scrupulously observed at every facet. The quality assurance procedures are meticulously applied in our entire operation that empower us to correlate the international standards. Our quality control professionals monitor all the stages discreetly, right from the manufacturing, processing to the packaging of the products. Our range is subjected to the following quality checking parameters:

  • Edible quality

  • Nutritive value

  • Absence of germs & impurities

  • Shelf Life

  • Safety & Hygiene

Supply Chain


Wilmington Foods strives to model, optimize and simulate supply chain and transportation network operations and right-size inventory levels, to foster improvements in cost, service, sustainability & risk mitigation.

We source only high-grade, NON-GMO sesame seeds from popular farms of the African countries. Over the years, Wilmington Foods has created a reliable supply chain with extra emphasis on being socially responsible.



As one of the major wholesale suppliers of sesame seeds in the Middle East, Wilmington foods take the responsibility to ensure that our manufacturing and distribution processes do not have a negative impact on nature. We are working towards substantiality by minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We integrate sustainability considerations in all our business decisions & strive to seek natural substitutions while avoiding unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products. To ensure this, we have in practice:

Effluent Treatment

Plant (ETP)

Minimizing environmental pollution is high on the implementation agenda of our industrial operations. We operate effluent treatment plants to methodically handle the wastewater emissions, reduce the potential for pollution of receiving waters and to comply with discharge consent conditions.



We care for nature and accordingly conserve a substantial green-buffer zone area in the premises of our factory unit.



All the waste and byproducts of our manufacturing process are disposed of properly or recycled if possible. During the sorting process, only the best quality sesame seeds are chosen for packaging. The rejected seeds and the sesame husks from the hulled seeds are sold again in the market and they often get used as animal fodder.

Food Quality &


Wilmington Foods offers its customers 100% pure sesame seeds that retain their original aroma and taste. In every stage of our manufacturing operation, from sourcing the sesame seeds to processing and testing the final product, we strive for excellence.

To meet international food safety standards and maintain premium quality of our produce, we employ strict checks at critical points in the supply chain and adhere to stringent regulatory requirements. All our products, including the Tahini and Halawas are third-party tested by independent agencies like the SGS and TUV.

Driven by our uncompromising values and unwavering passion, we continue to work tirelessly to improve our services and products. For conducting regular tests ( physical, chemical and microbiological), research, and development, Wilmington Foods is currently in the process of setting up a fully-equipped chemical test and microbiology lab on our site.

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