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Hulled Sesame Seeds


Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds without their outer covering or husk is called Hulled sesame seeds. This makes the seeds much easier to digest. Hulled sesame seeds from Wilmington Foods are widely known for their highest grade of purity, aroma and flavor. We source top quality sesame seeds from the fertile regions of African countries. The seeds are subjected to several processing stages which ensure that only the top quality product reaches our clients.

Fresh and premium grade natural sesame seeds are mechanically hulled and dried which preserves all proteins, amino acids and vitamins that are necessary for easy digestion and absorption of food.

In the next level of processing, the selected batch of seeds are scanned in an optical sorter to produce bold, uniform and spotless 99.99% of purity level which are then distributed to our clients worldwide. Hulled sesame seeds have high oil content and can be used to make cooking oil.

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